How can I make my order?
You will need to follow the online shopping procedure and click on “Authorise payment”. Then, you will receive an email confirming your order (“Order confirmation”) in which you will also find your order number to easily track your purchase. You will also receive an email confirming that your order has been shipped with the corresponding tracking number for your security and your control.

Is there a minimum order?
No. Our customers are free to buy as many products as they wish. However, for security reasons, there is a maxim limit of daily shopping with the same credit/debit card of 500 Euros. For superior quantities, contact our customer service.

Will my order be discreet? How will I receive it?
Your order is absolutely discreet. It will be delivered in an anonymous cardbox brown, without any reference to the products inside. There are no markings or logos from our company on the back or sides of your parcel. The only markings will be your address label and your tracking code.

Who will be the sender of the package?
You will only find the acronym LF, S. L.

Will my package be insured?
All orders have basic transport insurance. If any problems foreign to you arise during the delivery, they will be resolved by Lingox.

If the product is out of stock, will it be available later?
Being out of stock, Lingox will try to offer the product as soon as possible. If the product is retired from catalogue, we will let you know, and you can choose others that you like, or cancel the order if you wish.

Can I make orders by phone? And by email?
For your own security, you can only make orders by our website and following the online shopping procedure

Do you deliver products internationally?
Yes, to any country that appears in our list of destinations. If your country is not listed, you can ask us through our contact form. We will be glad to inform you if there are special conditions for shipping to your country, but we cannot guarantee delivery of Lingox Products.

Will I receive the same product displayed in the web?
Yes, except in those products with handcrafted processes in which a minimum difference can appear in the finished version.

How can I know that my order is correct?
Once you have ordered, you will receive an email confirmation with the order number and the tracking number. If you did not receive it, contact our customer service as soon as possible.

How can I know the state of my order?
You can follow the state of your order in real time. Access to “My Orders” in your account. If you are not registered, access to “Information of my order” from your confirmation email, where you will also find the tracking number of your purchase, so you can check the status of your order at any time.

Can I remove an item from my order?
Yes. From the shopping cart, you can removed any product or add new items to your order. You will be able to perform these actions if your order has not been processed.

Can I Cancel my order?
Yes. You can cancel your order at any time, except when your order is already "processed" or "shipped". Do not hesitate to contact our customer service for any queries.

What should I do if I receive a faulty product?
www.lingoxfactory.com only sells products in perfect conditions. If exceptionally you receive a faulty product, you should contact our customer service.

What should I do if I receive the wrong product?
If you receive a wrong product, you should contact our customer service as soon as possible to solve the problem immediately.

Will I have a full refund?
You will only receive a full refund if your proposal of refund is previously accepted and always during due time. For better understanding, please read the conditions under the heading REFUNDS.

If I receive the product and I don’t like it, could I return it?
For this question, please read the conditions under the heading REFUNDS.

How long is the time delivery?
It will depend on the destination country and the shipping option selected. In the purchasing process we will inform you the estimated delivery time of your order. However, delays and logistical complications that are beyond our control may occur. Furthermore, exports may have customs delays foreign to us, that could cause delays in delivery.

If I have questions or problems with my order, who could I contact with?
You should contact our customer department via our contact form where you will receive help to solve your problems or questions.

What are the delivery costs?
They will depend on the destination country, the order quantity amount and the delivery option you have chosen. For more information, read the conditions under the heading DELIVERY.

Can I modify my address and invoice data?
You can easily modify your contact details in the customer area. If you are not a registered user, the correct details of the order will be enough. You cannot modify the details of your order if it is in the ‘Shipped’ option.

What happens if I am out when my order arrives?
The carrier will try to contact you for a new meeting or will leave a card for you to contact with the transport centre.

Is there free shipping?
Yes. We offer FREE SHIPPING on orders over 60.00 Euros, in all the European Union countries with Standard Shipment. If your country is not listed in our list of destinations, you can ask us through our contact form. We will be glad to inform you if there are special conditions for shipping to your country, but we cannot guarantee delivery of Lingox Products.
For more information, read the conditions under the heading DELIVERY.





What is a triple masturbator?
Lingox has created the first triple masturbator in the market. In the same product, Lingox has united three incredible sensations and uses in a toy that will revolutionize the world of adults toy.
This exclusive product offers a unique triple function: it is a male masturbator of extraordinary quality designed to introduce the penis in the masturbating sleeve. Also, it is an incredible anal/vaginal masturbator, offering unique sensations through penetration as a dildo. It is also a fantastic simulator of male and female oral sex because it offers the only sleeve in the market with the tongue out simulating oral sex hyper-realistic.

Why is Triple Masturbator different to the other masturbators?
Lingox triple masturbator is different because it is the only sex toy with three functions in the same product. It can be used alone or in couple. You choose who you play with…

What is the difference between the Triple Masturbator products?
Triple Masturbators by Lingox are different because of their design and external appearance and internal texture as well. What they share is their excellent quality and exclusiveness and an inimitable functionality ever seen in the world of adult toys. There are two Triple Masturbator versions: Extreme and Black edition, with different aesthetics and different interior/exterior texture. Both offer maximum pleasure and marvelous sensations.

What is the difference between the Lingox Poker products?
There are two different types of Lingox Poker sleeves: the club and the spade. Both are manufactured and designed with extraordinary quality. They differ in their entrance hole and interior canal.
It is a very easy product to use. A unique design to make you reach the maximum pleasure and incredible sensations during the masturbation.

What is the size of a Triple Masturbator product?
This product is 27 cm high, to offer triple pleasure: from the superior part, inferior and interior part as well.
Its design is slim and aesthetic, with an ergonomic design, perfect for a tight fit and very comfortable.

What is the size of a Lingox Poker product?
Lingox Poker sleeves are 40 mm diameter and 110 mm high approximately.
Their innovative design makes them perfect to use since their elasticity fits any thickness. Their incredible flexibility will surprise you. A perfect fit for immediate stimulation.

Will I have to use Lingox Poker with its canister?
No. For a correct use, you have to use the sleeve that is placed inside the canister.
Take out the Lingox Poker Sleeve of the sealed bag and lubricate it with the free Lingox Lube bag, introduce the penis and feel the adaptation to your skin offering immediate pleasant sensation. You will also be able to use the masturbator sleeve in couple, playing with your penis when it passes through the exit hole, to caress or being caressed... thereby enhancing oral sex game. A complete ALL IN experience. Once you finished, and when the sleeve is completely dry in the open air, you can introduce the sleeve in the canister again. This way you will have it ready for next use. We insist in the importance of the complete dry process of the sleeve before reintroducing it into the canister.

It is my first time with this kind of toys, which product will you recommend?
You can purchase any Lingox product as they are safe and easy to use. It is a question of tastes. Once you know what you look for and what each Lingox product can offer yourself, you will be able to choose yours and enjoy extraordinary experiences and sensations.

Where are the Lingox products manufactured?
Lingox only manufactures their products in Europe, fulfilling all the requisites of European standards to offer high quality products. Our factory is located in Dos Hermanas, Seville, Spain.

Do the Lingox sleeves have a characteristic aroma?
Yes. Lingox sleeves have an exclusive, very special and nice fragrance that you will discover when enjoying our products. In contrast to other products existing in the market with unpleasant smells, our exclusive Lingox Aroma will wake up your senses. We are sure that it will surprise you.

Are the Lingox sleeves antibacterial and antimicrobial?
Yes, absolutely. Lingox sleeves contain antibacterial and antimicrobial agents, offering extra safety and sexual hygiene.

Are the Lingox masturbators of one use?
No. Lingox products are of a high quality. They are designed and manufactured to enjoy with them for a long time. This does not happen with other products existing in the market which are just indicated for one use or easily deteriorated. You will only have to take care of them correctly and the life of your Lingox toys will be very long. Read the heading Use and Maintenance to obtain more details.

What is the material of the Lingox sleeves?
Lingox sleeves are manufactured with one of the softest and flexible materials in the market.
Lingox has created an exclusive and secret formula, unique in the world called Re-evolution Skin Material Lingox.
Our formula is completely safe, paraben free, latex free, toxic plastics free. It also contains antibacterial and antimicrobial agents with the inclusion of our exclusive Lingox Aroma.
All these qualities make Lingox sleeves meet the maximum quality guarantee and safety.

Are the Lingox products safe for the contact with human skin and the female/male sexual organs?
Yes. Lingox materials are indicated for being in contact with the skin and the male and female sex organs.
All the Lingox products are very safe for your hygiene and sexual health.

Are there different degrees of toughness or softness in the Re-Evolution Skin Material Lingox sleeves and in the top part of Triple Masturbator product?
Yes. Our exclusive formula of world innovation allows different levels of toughness and softness in our sleeves, from 1 to 3, being level 1 the softest and level 3 the toughest. Currently, only the sleeve level 1 is available.
Regarding the top of Triple Masturbator product, our exclusive formula of world innovation allows different levels of toughness and softness from 1 to 5, being level one the softest and level 5 the toughest. Currently, only the sleeve level 1 is available.

How do I use the top of the Triple Masturbator product?
The superior part of the Triple Masturbator can be used as a dildo, for a completely pleasant vaginal and/or anal masturbation.
Its fantastic and studied design, its high quality texture, will make you enjoy very special sensations, without comparision in the market.

How can I prepare the product?
For a correct use of your Lingox toys, you should keep them clean and in perfect state. Before use, you should lubricate them generously, only with water-based lubricants.
We recommend using a safety lubricant for the contact with the skin, that can be used in the penis, vagina and/or anus. Indeed, Lingox Lube lubricant is the best option for its softness, quality and safety.

How do I clean the product after use?
After using your Lingox products, you should clean them generously with water. You should not use powders or soaps that could deteriorate them.
Once cleaned with water, we recommend the use of Lingox Toy Cleaner to clean and sanitate your products, both inside and outside. This way you will be able to enjoy limitlessly your Lingox toys with total safety and correct hygiene.

What kind of lubricant can I use?
You can only use water based lubricants.
Other kinds of oils and lubricants can deteriorate the Lingox products.
We recommend water based Lingox Lube, adequate for your sexual relationships, and the ideal lubricant to do massages and erotic games.

Can I use the product without lubricant?
For proper use and handling of Lingox products, it is necessary to lubricate them generously, helping to achieve more real and pleasurable sensations.

Why should I choose Lingox Lube rather than other lubricants?
In the market, you will find so varied and extended option of lubricants that sometimes it is difficult to choose. You should bear in mind that the selection of a lube is very important for your health, hygiene and sexual enjoyment.
Lingox Lube is a water-based lubricant perfect to be used in your sexual toys, and it is also indicated for vaginal and/or anal contact.
Lingox Lube is ideal to offer a pleasant and unique sensation in your erotic and sensual massages.

Can I put a condom to use it?
Yes. If you wish, you can use your product with condom.
We recommend its use if sharing the toy with other person.

Can I use the products in the water or while having a shower?
Yes. Using your product in the water or having a shower is one of the most sexual and sensitive experiences that you can experiment.
All Lingox products can be used in the water and they are water-proofed. Both in cold and warm water, you will enjoy an incomparable experience.

Is there any advice to enlarge the life of the product?
Yes. Lingox Powder Regenerator has been created to enlarge the unique softness and texture of the products.
Lingox Regenerating Powder, an exclusive spray, forms a cloud of powder which will cover your products and regenerate them with all their softness.
Use it once the products are cleaned and completely dry. Spread the powder on the surface and in the inside of the sleeve. You will enjoy its delicate texture and will enlarge the life of your toys.

My sleeve has one or several marks, what does it mean?
All the sleeves manufactured in our exclusive Re-Evolution Skin Material Lingox are handmade and handcraft one by one.
We only select high quality products but the natural features are unavoidable. They are indeed part of the individual appearance of the product. In addition, the small aesthetic differences do not affect the quality of the product neither its enjoyment during use.

My question has not been answered yet, who should I contact with?
To clarify any doubt, or for more personal attention, you should contact us via our contact form or in the following email: info@lingoxfactory.com





What is the purpose of using my personal information?
The personal data you provide will be treated confidentially on our secure servers owned by LINGOX FACTORY S.L. Its objective is the development, compliance and implementation of the sales contract of your purchases or another contract between customer and company. Similarly, the personal information you provide us is only used to notify you about products and services of our company. In accordance with European Legislation, Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parlament and the Council of 27 April 2016.

Are my personal data safe?
Our safe server guarantees the absolute privacy in the transmitted data.

What will be the concept of my shopping in my bank account?
You will only find the acronym LF, S.L. assuring the total discretion in your shopping.

If my payment has been rejected, what should I do?
We will inform you immediately about this situation. We will provide you with the following steps to do a new shopping.

Once my order is completed, will I receive any confirmation?
Of course. You will receive and email confirmation of your order and the order number to be used in all our communications.

How can I pay my order?
You can pay with debit or credit card, Paypal or bank transfer.

Could my credit card be rejected?
Your card could be rejected for the following reasons:
  - You card can be expired. Check that your card is still valid.
  - You may have exceeded the limit of shopping. Check with your bank that your limit to buy is correct.
  - Some data is incorrect. Check that you have filled in all the required fields.
  - Check that your card is accepted by www.lingoxfactory.com

Is safe to use my credit/debit card on the web?
Absolutely. For your security, all the payment process is under rigorous controls of bank security. We do not keep any data from your card.

Is it safe to buy in www.lingoxfactory.com?
Absolutely. You can purchase with total safety. We have dedicated a lot of effort to offer you the resources to guarantee the security of your purchases and all your data.